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Prices lower 50-80% than in EU countries


University of Zagreb's School of Dental Medicine is one of the best in this part of Europe


We use modern dental equipment and only the best materials

Dentists in Croatia

Come and get your perfect smile in Croatia!

Your perfect smile awaits you in Croatia

School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb is one of the best in this part of Europe, and Croatian dentists are highly appreciated in Europe and all around the World.

Long tradition and experience with patients from abroad, especially with patients from Italy, Germany, etc., high quality dental services as well as close range to all Western-European countries, resulted in great number of patients from abroad.

Croatian dentists are recognized as experts in the field of implantology and oral surgery. To regain normal functionality and natural look of your teeth we use the best that modern dentistry has to offer – dental implants! We treat each patient individually and consider his/her wishes, but only in accordance with best solutions tailored to his/her face so that the teeth can satisfy even the highest aesthetic standards.

Modern dentistry allows everyone to have a bright and beautiful smile!

Call us and we will return the call in order to cut your expences!

Why should you come to our practice?

We use dental materials of best quality – quality without compromise.
Up-to-date and modern equipped clinics according to highest standards.
Direct and explicit offer, which leaves no space for hidden expenses and fees.
Our staff at your disposal 24/7, speaking English.