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Conservative dentistry

About conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry in CroatiaConservative dentistry is the main branch of dentistry. Healthy and beautiful teeth, and firstly functional teeth are the main goal of the conservative dentistry. This goal is reached by mending and treating the teeth, teeth root canals, removing of the tartar and plaque as well as improving the teeth with fillings.

How to treat caries

Food rich in carbohydrates and bacteria appearing in the oral cavity together cause infection known as caries. Food decay (sugar) under the influence of bacteria results in acids which reduce pH value. pH value drop leads to dissolving of enamel and with it to appearance of caries. The dentist is removing caries until getting to the healthy part of the tooth. Smaller quantities of caries can be removed by fluorine, and greater quantities of caries must be removed mechanically. In order for the tooth to remain functional after the removal and to protect the pulp, we fill the tooth.

What are fillings

Inlays and onlaysDamage of the tooth by caries can be improved by a composite filling. The same material can be used to replace old amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are a quick and cheap solution, but advantages of the composite filling like solidity and high aesthetic value, have lead to the fact that modern dentistry has almost stopped using amalgam fillings.

Differences between inlays and onlays

Inlay is a ceramic filling for restoration of intracoronal part of the tooth. Onlay is a ceramic filling which completely covers all surfaces of a tooth crown. Both are fabricated in a dental laboratory.

How to treat caries with ozone

Modern dentistry witnessed alternatives for caries treatment. Former practice was mechanical removal of caries by a drill, but this way we always had to scarify a part of the healthy tooth. Usage of ozone will efficiently destroy bacteria causing caries. After removing initiators of caries the tooth is fortified with special fluids rich in minerals. Caries within the tooth can be removed efficiently enough by minimal opening of the tooth so that ozone can enter into the tooth.

Endodontics or tooth root therapy

EndodonticsThe only soft tissue of the tooth is the tissue under the enamel inside the tooth crown. It contains nerves, arterioles and venules and we call it tooth nerve or tooth pulp. Due to tooth trauma, bacteria has access inside the tooth which causes pulp inflammation, and finally it can die off. When the pulp is inflamed, blood flow and cell activity rise and lead to rise of pressure, which causes pain. If the inflammation is not treated in time it can spread to the bone. Inflamed pulp should be treated ASAP, and the tooth should be filled.

How is tartar removed

A great number of periodontal diseases arises due to great quantities of plaque and tartar on the tooth crown. If not removed regularly it can increase the risk of tooth disease. Ultrasonic devices can remove all dental calculus and plaque, in a painless and quick manner, by vibrations. After removing tartar, the dentist will polish your teeth with a special device working on the principle of compressed air, which sprays cold water combined with small powder particles. This will remove the rest of the calculus and possible discolorations. This treatment will reduce the possibility of renewed central calculus and plaque accumulation.