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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Croatia

About cosmetic dentistry

This interdisciplinary branch includes almost all dentistry branches. Modern dentistry enabled the rise of cosmetic dentistry to its perfection.

What are the fillings

Filling is a dental restoration used to improve smaller or greater damages of the tooth. Beside its functional part, it must also satisfy high aesthetic standards. The complete treatment must be flawless and it must agree in color and form with your natural teeth.

Usage of amalgam fillings was a common way to fill the tooth after caries treatment. Amalgam as a material has a series of flaws and is not used any more in modern dentistry. It’s toxicity and aesthetic unacceptability and arise of much better alternatives have completely dislodged it from the use. Composite materials or white fillings are of equal quality and durability and have a greater aesthetic value, these are therefore a much better solution. Composite materials achieve much better adhesion to the tooth and in that way they completely restrain bacteria form entering the tooth.


Aesthetics of the teeth and gums

Aesthetic of our teeth is important even when all of our teeth are healthy. In that case we have treatments concerning only with improvement of aesthetics, and the most common are bleaching, removal of discolorations and correction of gums.

Teeth whitening

All your teeth are healthy but you do not have a beaming Hollywood smile! The reasons for it are mostly coffee, red wine, tobacco, different medications and other preparations that leave dark stains on your teeth.

Out of all teeth whitening methods the most common is sand blasting which gives very good results but is not sufficient with greater discoloring. The treatment itself is not invasive and it does not damage enamel but it only removes deposits on the surface. Beside sand blasting other methods like ZOOM! lamp, intraoral appliances with different solutions and similar are also often used.

Teeth whitening at home is also possible but results of these methods are not as good as with the above mentioned methods. The treatment begins with fabrication of the intraoral appliance by your dentist. You put bleaching gel in the appliance and then you put the appliance on your teeth. For successful bleaching effect you must wear it in the period of 8 to 10 days, i.e. during night.

Veneers and tooth ornaments

Teeth whiteningTo improve smaller enamel damages, gaps between the teeth or greater discolorations of your teeth we can use veneers. This aesthetic dental restoration in comparison to dental crowns covers only the front part of the tooth and is an ideal solution for front teeth.

We can glue tooth ornaments to any of the teeth. Regardless if it is a semi-precious stone or a precious stone, we can apply it to the tooth without any damage to the enamel. Application is fully painless.