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Implantology - dental implants

Implantology in Croatia

Dental implants

Dental implant is placed in the jawbone as a replacement for the lost tooth root. They are suitable for placement in any region, and titanium biocompatibility allows our body to accept foreign body as it’s own. Growing together of the implant and the bone lasts from 2 to 6 months, and the procedure is called osseointegration. If there is not enough bone tissue for successful implantation, loss of the bone can be restored by transplantation or regeneration of the own bone. The advantage of the dental implant is preservation of neighboring healthy teeth.

Usage of implants

Dental implant is a unique dental restoration when we talk about the feeling of the false tooth as one’s own. No other dental restoration can give you that feeling. Implants can replace not only one but also all of the missing teeth.

Replacement of one tooth with an implant

Dental implantsReplacement of one tooth with an implant allows us to close the gap without sacrificing neighboring healthy teeth by grinding them for a dental bridge. In this case we place an implant, a superstructure and a provisional crown, which will be functional until the end of the osseointegration of the implant. After the osseointegration is complete, the provisional crown is replaced by a permanent one and a new tooth will look completely natural and it will not be able to distinguish it from the other natural teeth.

Replacement of all teeth with implants

In order to restore the loss of more than one tooth in a row we can place implants which will be abutement for the bridge. A combination of implants and natural teeth as abutement is also possible. A bridge placed in this way is completely fixed work and it cannot be removed.

Implants for edentulism

If we have edentulous jawbone, it is best to make a fixed work, which will be placed on the implants. For it to be ideal we must place 6 to 8 implants, if possible. Such work will look totally natural and will give you a feeling of natural teeth. If you do not have enough bone in the jaw for so many implants, it is possible to make half-fixed work based on a few implants. In this case we have to place 2 to 4 implants to which a prosthesis will be fixed. It will be much firmer and more stable than common prosthesis, but it leaves the possibility of removing the prosthesis for maintenance and cleaning.

Placement of dental implants

How are implants placed

Implantation itself is painless, because it takes place under local anesthesia, and is done exclusively by an oral surgery specialist with experience. Placement of implants is one of the most complex dental therapies, but successfulness of executed interventions is above 98%, so that there is no reason for fear.

Implant lifetime

Implant lifetime depends on quality maintenance of oral hygiene in the first place, but also on regular examinations at your dentist’s and quality of the implant itself. Our clinics use exclusively implants with lifelong guarantee from the manufacturer.

Which are the contraindications

In rare cases the body can reject the implant, but such occasions are rare and under 1% worldwide.

Croatian implantologists

The fastest growing branch of dentistry in the world is implantology, and Croatian implantologists count to the world’s top based on quality of their work. School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb is one of the most respected in Europe and is greatly responsible for such a great number of Croatian experts in oral surgery, specialized in implantology.