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Oral surgery

About oral surgery

Oral surgery in CroatiaOral surgery as a special dentistry discipline finds its implementation in a series of other dentistry disciplines. The most frequent interventions are complicated tooth extractions, impacted and unerrupted wisdom teeth, root resection and extraction of retained and fractured teeth. It also includes gum surgery, reconstruction of aesthetic and functional irregularities in the oral cavity.

What are wisdom teeth

We are mostly not aware of our wisdom teeth since they do not hurt nor trouble our oral cavity. During eruption it can come to gingivitis. In some cases it is enough just to brush the teeth, but if it comes to greater complications, surgical extraction of the tooth might be necessary.

Apicetomy or root resection

Oral surgeonResection or tooth end surgery is done if treatment of the tooth root during restoration of chronic granuloma is not successful. After the root end surgery, the canal is filled and completely closed. Canal filling is done through the tooth crown, and in some cases through the apex of the tooth root.

What are cysts

Although initiators of the cysts can be different, prerequisite for their development is development of epithelium. As a result of shock or inflammation epithelium is reproducing and it leads to a crack, which will continue to grow if not reacted in time. The cyst can be removed surgically, partially or fully.

Where is oral surgery applied

Where is oral surgery appliedOral surgery is often serving other dentistry branches. We can find it’s application in orthodontic therapy, implantology, and it also corrects greater irregularities such as face and jaw defects.

In order to place orthodontic braces it is sometimes necessary to extract one or more teeth, regardless if they are milk teeth or permanent teeth, for the orthodontic therapy to be successful. In some cases it can even be complicated tooth extraction with surgical intervention.

Dental implants are placed during a smaller surgical intervention. This is a safe, easy and painless intervention done under local anesthesia. Osseointegration of the bone and the implant lasts from 2 to 6 months and the tooth can be put under the load after that time.