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Orthodontics in Croatia

About orthodontics

Orthodontics is concerned with correction of tooth irregularities and disproportionate jaw relationships.

Functionality and aesthetics

Although orthodontics has an aesthetic role it is not it’s only concern. Regular position is also important for functional reasons because a proper bite will allow us normal eating, it improves speech and cleaning of teeth. In this way we reduce the possibility of caries and allows other periodontal diseases.

Irregularities in the oral cavity can be inherited or acquired. Regardless of their cause they have to be detected and improved timely. The first preventive examination should be done before the age of 7 so that the dentist can ascertain regular development of teeth and jaw. Correction of the teeth is best done during school age, till the teeth are still developing.


BracesAge and diagnosis of the patient help us with the choice of a fixed or removable braces. Whereas for adult patients we use exclusively fixed braces, irregularities of child teeth can also be treated with removable braces. Fixed braces cannot be removed during the whole period of treatment, whereas removable braces can be removed when needed and in accordance with instructions from your dentist.

Removable braces are mostly used for children during the period of intensive growth and during puberty. Braces are one-piece appliances and they are used for correction of both jaws, and have to be worn 14 to 16 hours a day. After puberty and intensive growth of the child the use of fixed braces is preferred.

Appearance and colors of the braces

Appearance and colors of the braces

With fixed braces the orthodontic brackets are cemented to the teeth. They can be made of metal, ceramics or plastics, and can be transparent at your wish. O-ring or ligature elastic bonding the arch wire and brackets of the braces can be in different colors using new materials, in order to be aesthetically appealing for the child. Fixed braces can be bonded to the back of the teeth, which makes them invisible, but more difficult to maintain.