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Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry in Croatia

About pedodontics

Pedodontics is concerned with the health of the teeth of your child. The role of pedodontics is firstly preventive and it ensures regular development of the jawbone and the teeth during childhood. It is very important to detect and treat any kind of disease in the oral cavity in time.

Only introduction during the first visit

It is essential to choose a dentist for your child, who will earn it’s trust, which is not an easy task. A good dentist should not do any interventions during the first visit and familiarization, so that their first visit would not become a bad experience for your child. Unfamiliar sound or pain during the first visit are unwanted, so that the child would come to the dentist without any fear the next time.

Prevention in childhood

Prevention in childhood

Parent’s role during the visit to the dentist is very important in order to reduce child’s fear and to exclude any awkward situations. The right education of parents is also important for prevention of caries and other periodontal diseases. In order to prevent appearance of caries from the early age, teeth of our youngest patients are covered with fluorine. If caries appears regardless of the protective layer, teeth must be filled if they are milk teeth or not, because caries will cause movement of the teeth in an irregular position. First permanent teeth can be sealed with fluid composite and in that way we protect them from accumulation of food deposits and also from caries deposits.

Orthodontic braces for my child

Orthodontic braces serve to align and straighten the teeth if their position becomes irregular or unnatural. First preventive examination should be around the age of 7 to assure that teeth and jawbone are developing regularly, as timely detection is very important for possible correction. The best age to correct the irregular position of teeth is during school age.

Child injuries

Oral hygiene for childrenWhether your child is playful or not, injuries of the teeth and jawbone are very frequent during childhood. These are mostly tooth crown fractures or expulsion of the whole tooth. In case of such injuries it very important to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

For children who are exercising a sport during the time their permanent teeth start to eruption we advise fabrication of a tailored teeth guard (splint) in order to protect their permanent teeth. The guard will not affect breathing nor speaking for the child, and can be fabricated in various colors. Teeth must be healthy for fabrication of a guard.