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Periodontics in Croatia

About periodontics

Periodontium consists of gingiva, bone and periodontal ligament that ties the tooth to the bone, and part of dentistry treating supporting structure of the teeth is called periodontics.

Periodontal diseases

The most widespread disease of the oral cavity beside caries is periodontosis and we also call it gum disease. More patients above the age of 40 lose their teeth as a result of periodontosis than caries. When the gums are red, swollen and they bleed it is of upper most importance to visit the dentist immediately. These are the first signs of periodontosis. Weak oral hygiene, smoking, teeth grinding and bad oral hygiene are the main initiators of gum inflammation i.e. periodontosis. Development of periodontal diseases is always connected to plaque bacteria. Plaque produces acids which irritate gums, destroy enamel and lead to gum inflammation. As a result of it all a gingival pocket will appear between gums and tooth root, which will then grow bigger with time and become deeper. It will eventually grow to periodontosis, which leads to loss of the tooth and tooth supporting structure.

Treatment of periodontal diseases

Treatment of periodontal diseasesThe treatment begins with removal of plaque and tartar as they are initiators of periodontal diseases. For controlled oral hygiene beside frequent brushing of the teeth, we have to use dental floss in order to effectively clean the spaces between the teeth.

At an advanced stage of periodontosis, removal of the initiators and oral hygiene will not do. Thorough cleaning of the tooth root and gingival pocket will be necessary. This should prevent tooth extraction. If the gingival pocket cannot be fully treated, a smaller surgical intervention might be needed. During the disease the jawbone and surrounding tissue can be intensively damaged, and in that case we must proceed to a surgery of that region exercising a technique of guided tissue regeneration. Optimal prerequisites for bone and tissue regeneration will be assured using a membrane to keep out soft tissue.